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Moss开发方Polyarc获得900万美元投资,兵分两路进军增强现实技术/Moss dev Polyarc secures $9m investment to branch into augmented reality





该轮融资由Hiro Capital引领。行业老手,也是Hiro融资伙伴的Ian Livingstone将加入Polyarc董事会。

当前投资方Vulcan Capital以及Galaxy EOS VC Fund基金也参与了此次融资,Galaxy EOS VC Fund是风险资本公司Galaxy Interactive与区块链软件发开放Block.one联合打造。


“在Polyarc 40年的历程中,我们希望人们记住的是我们的人物角色。”CEO以及联合创始人Tam Armstrong说道:“我们让人物深入人心的方式是建立一家直接将角色带给玩家的公司。”



Virtual reality games developer Polyarc has closed a Series B round of funding to the tune of $9 million.

The studio is best known for is acclaimed VR adventure Moss, and will use the funding to develop titles for augmented reality.

The round was led by Hiro Capital. Industry veteran Ian Livingstone, one of Hiro’s founding partners, will join Polyarc’s board of directors.

Funding also came from existing investor Vulcan Capital and Galaxy EOS VC Fund, a partnership between venture capital firm Galaxy Interactive and blockchain software publisher Block.One.

This is the studio’s second round of funding, having raised $3.5 million back in 2016 to fund the development of Moss.

“The thing we want people to remember about Polyarc in 40 years is our characters,” said CEO and co-founder Tam Armstrong. “Our means to make our characters the most memorable is to build a company oriented around introducing them directly to our players in person.

“VR, AR, and the spectrum in between, offer an opportunity to connect our players with our characters through physical interaction and emotional feedback in a way that no other medium can match. This round of funding was essential for us to expand our development focus to further embrace VR and AR games.”

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