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Virgina Tech区块链挑战赛获胜者/Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge Competition Winners



近日,Virginia Tech的电脑科学部举办了2020春季区块链挑战竞赛。该比赛总共提供25000美元的奖学金,该笔奖项由Block.one作为赛事礼物提供。

满足两阶段挑战条件的参赛者将接受依据EOSIO使用、设计、使用性、功能、创新性以及项目整体对Virginia Tech社区影响而进行的评判。团队将从四个潜在使用案例中选择出一项完成自身的区块链应用程序,包括班级日期/时间、停车场、足球场门票或课本。



特等奖获奖者:The Goblins

特等奖获奖团队The Goblins所开发的EOSIO区块链应用赢得了15000美元的奖学金,该项应用为学生们带来了一个公平的票务系统,Hokie Tickets。

学生们可以通过iOS应用或网站,输入自己PID号访问Hokie Tickets。他们可以在该应用上使用Hokie代币买票或输入奖券兑换热门游戏的票。一旦购买成功,可以以相同价值反售给学校。票也可以拍卖给Hokie代币出价最高的人。


Hokie Tickets通过增加从前出席人数较低的游戏的奖励刺激出勤率。由此,Hokie Tickets为更大范围的Virginia Tech运动提供支持,其中包括最热门的活动。



在他们的应用场景中,学生访问网站app并使用自己的PID及私钥进行登录。一旦登录,学生将能够购买、销售、拍卖和竞拍票。票能够在网站app以及iOS配套应用程序中看到。而其他iOS app通过扫描票上的二维码对票进行验证,从而使假冒的票无效。

荣誉奖: SLim’s Crew Electric Boogaloo

SLim’s Crew Electric Boogaloo的Pylon停车项目获得了1000美元的奖学金。




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Recently, Virginia Tech’s Department of Computer Science hosted the Blockchain Challenge Spring 2020 competition. The competition offered a total of $25,000 in scholarships, made possible by a gift from 

Contestants that met the criteria for the two-phased challenge were judged based on the team’s use of EOSIO, design and usability, functionality, creativity, and on the project’s overall impact on the Virginia Tech community. Teams were given a choice of one of four possible use cases for their blockchain applications including class dates/times, parking spaces, football tickets, or textbooks.

Winners were announced on May 4, 2020. would like to congratulate these teams for their originality in using EOSIO to provide everyday solutions and improve campus life. Projects like these are a fine example of how sophisticated systems can be built on EOSIO while enhancing the user experience.

If you’d like to innovate with EOSIO, you can refer to the free libraries, toolkits, and plugins documented in our Developer’s Portal

Grand Prize Winner: The Goblins

The grand prize winning team, The Goblins, earned a $15,000 scholarship with their EOSIO blockchain application that provides students a fair ticketing system, Hokie Tickets.

Students access Hokie Tickets by logging into the iOS application or website and entering their PID number. From there, they can buy tickets with Hokie Tokens or enter lotteries to get tickets to sought-after games. Once acquired, a ticket can be sold back to the university for the same value it was purchased. Tickets can also be auctioned off to the highest bidder of Hokie Tokens. 

On gameday, the application generates a unique QR code for each ticket. An admin scans the ticket holder’s QR code when you attend the game. Verified attendance gives the ticket holder a Hokie Token reward; however, missing attendance will result in a penalty.

Hokie Tickets incentivizes attendance by increasing rewards for games that have historically low crowd turnout. As a result, Hokie Tickets helps to support a broader spectrum of Virginia Tech sports, including the most popular one.

Runner-Up: Block.two

Block.two, the runner up in the competition and recipient of an $8,000 scholarship, also built their own version of a ticket marketplace on EOSIO.

In their example students access a web app and login with their PID and private key. Once logged in, students can buy, sell, auction off, and bid on tickets. Tickets can be viewed in the web app and on an iOS companion app. Yet another iOS app validates the tickets by scanning the ticket’s QR code, enabling it to invalidate fraudulent tickets.

Honorable Mention: SLim’s Crew Electric Boogaloo

With an honorable mention, SLim’s Crew Electric Boogaloo’s Pylon Parking project earned a $1,000 scholarship.

Students register as users on the application and create an account. After logging in, they can click on the map, choose the lot they want to park in, and purchase the desired amount of time in an available parking space from students or the university. They can also sell spots to other students. If someone is in their spot, they can upload a photo of the license plate to be rewarded.

Stay Connected is dedicated to putting tools directly in the hands of the next generation of blockchain developers. We believe incentive-based programs and challenges, including the Blockchain Challenge Spring 2020 competition, produce results that serve the common goals of the blockchain ecosystem. For this reason, we continue to sponsor and make possible events and activities that both reward participation and provide value to the greater community at large.

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