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Block.one投票初步标准及未来发展规划/Voting With the EOS Community








  1. 节点的一般位置通过BP JSON文件公开
  2. 独立运营一个可公开查询的API或P2P节点
  3. 该API或P2P节点在EOSIO v2.0及以上版本运行

我们希望,所有超级节点候选人能在UTC 时间2020年5月22日11:59分之前向pbe@block.one发送邮件,简要告诉我们您对社区最重要的贡献、以及您是否符合上述投票标准,这样也能帮助我们进一步优化我们现行和未来的投票标准。







In Delegated-Proof-of-Stake, voting for Block Producer candidates is fundamental to both aligning the interests of token holders with network operators, and securing the network itself. We are pleased to share our initial voting plan and begin the discussion for how we will vote moving forward.

Voting By The Numbers

There are many qualified block producer candidate organizations currently operating on the EOS public blockchain evidenced not only by consistent and smooth network operation, but the numerous open-source developer and user tools that are available today. We aim to vote for candidates in a rotational manner with no cap on how many total candidates we vote for over time. We will initially vote with 10 million EOS tokens which may increase over time at our discretion.

Voting Requirements 

We employ the following criteria to qualify for votes:

  1. The general location of the node has been disclosed publicly through the BP JSON file.
  2. Independently operating an API or P2P node that is publicly queryable.
  3. The API or P2P node is running EOSIO v2.0 or greater.

We ask that all block producer candidates please send a summary outlining your most valuable contributions as well as information pertaining to our voting criteria listed above to by 11:59 UTC 22 May 2020 to help inform our vote and future voting criteria evolutions.

Please note, we maintain the ability to adjust voting criteria or vote recipients at any time for any reason without notice, and this publication is not a warranty of any agreement with any organization or individual whatsoever.

An Evolving Program

As we engage with community members, our voting approach will evolve, and criteria will be added to ensure that the recipients of our votes adhere to the standards we wish to see network wide, so that we may ultimately contribute to smooth and successful network operations far into the future.

The EOS Foundation Future

The PBE division is hard at work researching models for an independent EOS Foundation. If launched, it is intended that the independently operating Foundation will receive the delegated weight of’s available voting tokens. We are optimistic about the progress of our R&D efforts thus far, and continue to focus on innovating structures that align the interests of network participants to maximize network security, performance, vision, and opportunity.

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